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The Halal Guys: We are Different in a Time of Uncertainty

The Halal Guys: We are Different in a Time of Uncertainty

Some of our most memorable moments begin by sharing unique experiences with our customers. That is why we are launching a blog to keep you informed of recent The Halal Guys news, exciting developments with our beloved brand, and our point-of-view on real-time issues you, we, and the world are now facing.

Being the Difference
Given our New York City roots, The Halal Guys not only has incredibly strong ties to the city at the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic, but also has witnessed first-hand its citizens’ “we are different” attitude – which also happens to be the brand’s tagline! No one in New York City has been spared; in fact, no aspect of life in the “city that never sleeps” remains untouched. The spirit of the city, however, appears strong: witness the moving 7PM salutes to first responders emanating from apartment windows across the five boroughs… This attitude of togetherness, hope, and unified support is what continues to give the city and country the strength to overcome this crisis. We stand in solidarity with all Americans and want to show our support in any way we can.

Early on in this crisis, The Halal Guys donated $40,000 to CDC Foundation — based on proceeds from March 2020 sales — that was generously matched by Lysol, thus totaling $80,000 to be used directly for the COVID-19 emergency response fund. We also wanted to show our support for the amazing health care first responders in any way we can and have been continuously donating meals to those on the front lines near The Halal Guys locations across the country. We have always tried to embody the “we are different” ethos via our deep care for our community. Having been the only prepared food available in New York City after Hurricane Sandy, we plan to act no differently during the current crisis!

Different for You
While we miss not seeing the smiling faces in our restaurants and the famously long lines at our carts, The Halal Guys’ number one priority is, and always has been, our customers’ safety. So, when moving away from a restaurant dining-in option, we ensured that every The Halal Guys delivery and takeout order would carry a bold, branded sticker providing step-by step instructions on how to remove food from packaging/dispose of packaging to enjoy meals safely and with complete peace of mind.

At our locations and catering/delivery centers nationwide, we are following the highest cleanliness and safety standards available (CDC and W.H.O. guidelines, among others), and ensuring employees are aware of the most recent updates to state and federal mandates in order to protect our guests and employees from the spread of the virus. As the situation evolves, we will continue keeping you updated on closures, adjusted hours, and compelling promotions during these unprecedented times. Please check back regularly on our website so you do not miss anything. Thank you, all, for your patronage, and we look forward to seeing you soon!