The Halal Guys Product Launches Home Delivery Of Its Signature White Sauce

The Halal Guys, famous for our platters, sandwiches, and signature sauces, recently celebrated the opening of our 100th store. It’s undoubtedly a significant milestone for any restaurant establishment to survive, let alone thrive in today’s semi-post-covid-climate. But, while most restaurants are happy simply surviving, we continue to look for ways to raise the bar. That’s why what we’re cooking up now is sure to please the hundreds of thousands of our loyal guests and fans nationwide!!! 



Since our inception, The Halal Guys began elevating the tastebud bar by introducing New Yorkers to a uniquely flavorful taste that satisfied even the most finicky, selective appetites. As a result, we quickly gained a massive fan following that continues to rapidly expand to this day. According to fans, one of the most distinctive characteristics that made our food so unforgettably good is that creamy, savory, flawlessly seasoned white sauce. 

A fan-inspired slogan soon followed that perfectly summed up what guests unanimously said about this mildly tangy, velvety-smooth condiment that many believe should go on everything…and it’s hard to disagree, because indeed, “It’s all about the sauce”! 

Despite vocally deafening requests from our fans, white sauce lovers were sadly disappointed year after year not seeing their new favorite condiment on supermarket shelves— making ketchup and mustard envious. Some hardcore white sauce fans wondered if the Ketchup and Mustard stranglehold atop the condiment mountain would ever come to an end.



While we may never fully know what disruptive forces may have been at play–– The Halal Guys have always proved steadfast in listening to their guests and fans. After the successful opening of our 100th store, we are finally ready to deliver precisely what our fans have been asking for straight to their front door. 

Today, The Halal Guys are excited to announce the home delivery of our signature white sauce! Beginning April 1st, 2021 members of The Halal Guys Rewards will be able to receive weekly home delivery of The Halal Guys white sauce! 



The best part? Subscribers to our new delivery service will get to enjoy their favorite condiment at a cost that’s literally pennies on the dollar at only $0.50 per week. That’s right! Weekly home delivery of The Halal Guy’s signature sauce for less than $3.00 a month. A value this big at a price this low can only be found at The Halal Guys! 


Finally, a subscription that makes delicious sense! Check out the full offer on our Instagram page here.