The Halal Guys Have Just Opened Our 100th Store!

The Halal Guys are truly excited to announce that we have opened our 100th store in Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks to all of our franchise partners and, most importantly, thanks to you, our loyal fans.

Because it was you who helped us make this major milestone possible thanks to your continued support and love of our brand.

It’s been an incredible ride so far, and we’re truly thankful to all our supporters. 

We look forward to continuing to break down even more barriers, open new doors, and introduce more tastebuds to our unique flavors. It is THAT unique, exquisite taste that has helped us continue to serve the communities who have supported and embraced our vision. 

A vision of inclusion, acceptance, and building bridges through the sharing of convenient, high-quality, wholesome food.

What This 100th Store Opening Milestone REALLY Means?

So, what does it mean that The Halal Guys franchise has now reached 100 locations? Well as you’re about to discover when something succeeds, it almost always means opportunity. 

But it also means we are succeeding at giving people more of what they want. More of the very thing the palates of everyone from casual diners to devout foodies will never be able to get enough of, and that’s more options.

You see, we introduced our uniquely satisfying option to the NYC food scene over 30 years ago. And ever since our first city cart arrived, New York City food lovers let their taste buds give the rest of the world a glimpse at what was yet to come. That was the option and opportunity for a new flavorful experience to be had.

An experience that first began the moment when that appetite-inducing aroma of The Halal Guys’ fare first met the collective noses of residents and tourists alike in the city. The captivating scent simply could not be ignored as it permeated the Manhattan sidewalks.

While the bustling lunch crowd roamed the streets searching for a meal to get them through the rest of the day, a number of them found themselves suddenly… irresistibly… stopped in their tracks.


Because they were unexpectedly lured in by an unfamiliar but very pleasing aroma that hinted at something extraordinarily delicious behind what their noses were able to detect. And they would soon find themselves inextricably drawn-in, time and again by that same delightfully pleasant smell.

It’s the kind of pleasing smell that completely fails to escape your notice because of its stealthy ability to ravenously increase your appetite.

You know the kind of aroma that teases and tickles your senses to the point that you find yourself almost led by your nose in cartoon fashion to wherever that smell is coming from? 

And when what’s cooking smells good enough to grab your attention from multiple blocks away, you know it’s almost impossible to resist. Because now YOU’RE HUNGRY! And your stomach is in complete control.

And you just know it won’t be satisfied until it gets to experience the pleasure of what your nose has already begun to enjoy.

And despite long lines or extra wait times, none of those things were enough to deter people from what their sense of smell already told their minds simply HAD to be a positive food experience.

This succulently fragrant new option those initial patrons got to experience and enjoy for the first time quickly evolved from an unexpected curiosity to a true genuine love affair.

The more people became familiar with the unforgettable taste of The Halal Guy’s signature platters and sandwiches, the more word quickly spread that this was truly something different.  

That unique blend of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavor paired with savory cuts of freshly marinated chicken and beef over rice or salad gained mainstream popularity. 

And so much so, that it soon became a lunch and dinner time sensation almost overnight. 

People raved over the extraordinary artisanal spices, seasonings, and accompanying sauces that taste so good you’ll literally want to put them on top of everything the moment you take that first bite. 

So It should be no wonder why halal food from The Halal Guys rapidly became a New York mainstay.


But good food was only one part of what attracted people to this appealing brand. Because whether in our stores or on the streets of NY, the experience has been what keeps customers coming back time and again. 

And we want to commemorate this special milestone in our history by saying thank you to our wonderful fans with 4 special celebratory offers you’re simply not going to want to miss out on.

Over the next couple of weeks, you can celebrate with The Halal Guys while taking advantage of our tokens of appreciation to you, our loyal customers, and fans.

More Meal For Your Buck:

  • March 4-6: Get $5 off any DELIVERY order of $20 or more across all of our North American 3rd party delivery partners (UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub)

100 Point Weekend:

  • Friday, March 11 to Sunday, March 13: earn 100 loyalty points on any transaction that takes place over that weekend. Come in and buy any item on the menu and instantly earn 100 points. How awesome is that?  (limit one award per registered account) 

The Halal Guys Century Club:

  • Imagine entering into an exclusive hall-of-fame-like club just for enjoying your favorite taste? Well, guests who have transacted with us 100+ times will be inducted into The Halal Guys Century Club and will receive an exclusive, limited-edition hat, commemorative coin, 3D printed desktop ornament of our cart, and the first-ever, priceless NFT of that same cart!

Win Free Food for Life!!!

  • The grand prize of our celebration will go to the first of our loyalty members to transact at all 100 of your locations– you will win FREE FOOD from The Halal Guys FOR LIFE!

Satisfy your craving for our delicious signature platters and sandwiches and celebrate with one or all of our 4 special offers. 

We thank everyone who has followed The Halal Guys on this incredible journey. And thank you for sharing this special milestone with us. 

We’ll see you all at the next 100 stores.  

The Halal Guys

Bringing Something Different To The Table 

Disclaimer text: Must be a member of The Halal Guys Rewards to participate in the Free Food for Life campaign. North American qualifying visits will be verified by The Halal Guys Rewards app. Receipt must be produced to verify visits to the UK, South Korea, and Indonesia. Additional backend verification including point-of-sale data, CCTV footage, social media activity, etc. may be used to confirm international visits. Free food for life will be issued through The Halal Guys Rewards program and will be the equivalent of one free platter (125 points) per month for twenty (20) years to the first person to provide verifiable proof of transacting at all 100 locations.