The Halal Guys: Not Only Delicious, but Healthy Too!

From juicy, tangy, tomatoes, to crunchy crisp lettuce, flavorful falafel, and filling delicious hummus, an American Halal diet encompasses a wide array of hues, textures, and healthy options. For example, with The Halal Guys’ platter, you are presented with colorful, flavorful, basmati rice, warm fresh pita, and grilled halal chicken and/or beef seasoned and cooked to perfection.

It looks mouthwatering, but is it nutritious?

A diet inspired by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cues is considered by many to be heart-healthy due to low cholesterol, but that’s only the beginning! Containing more vegetables with vitamins and lean protein meat than the typical Western diet you might be accustomed to, an American Halal Food diet also contains less high-fat dairy ingredients, leading to an overall healthier lifestyle.  Many basic ingredients such as olive oil, garlic, and spices have even been identified as inflammation reducers and beneficial for cognitive function. In addition, the entire menu boasts no trans-fats in anything except for the beef (Yes, including sauces and desserts!). Indeed, the benefits are many when serving you and your family The Halal Guys food!

American Halal Food: Infinitely Versatile and Appealing

When dining out, finding a restaurant that truly cares about accommodating different allergens and preferences can be exhausting. Happily, Halal food, satisfies many other food preferences beyond just being Halal, and meets the needs for many allergen-free diets too. By simply replacing the rice with additional lettuce, The Halal Guys platter becomes Keto. Hummus and falafel, both prominent features on the menu, would bring joy to any vegetarian hunting for more options (and plant-based protein). So to vegans, take note: everything on the menu, minus the white sauce (and of course the chicken and beef), can satisfy their diet. Adding onions, green peppers, jalapeños, and olives can also add enticing textures and variety of flavor to the existing options. A dairy-free diet can even be accommodated at The Halal Guys by everything except the desserts, including the white sauce!

A living embodiment of the famous long line at The Halal Guys NYC cart, diversity is a keyword for the brand, from our fans, to our diverse and nutritious menu, to our #wearedifferent tagline: In everything that we do, we strive to best represent that message in every way by surpassing expectations, and not only being a delicious go-to meal, but a healthy one at that!