The Halal Guys Just Introduced Their New Chicken Shawarma Recipe & Fans Can’t Get Enough

After being well known for bringing diverse tastes that add a variety of flavors to all your meal times options, The Halal Guys want you to meet the latest deliciously different menu-item here for a limited time.

It’s no secret that chicken is one of the most popular and versatile foods used in many dishes. From classic comfort food to exotic international flavors, chicken is enjoyed all over the world in a myriad of ways. 

Chicken lovers REALLY love chicken, so much so that there probably isn’t a recipe most chicken fans won’t try at least once.

You might even remember a recent chicken craze in the not-too-distant past where the world collectively lost its mind over the combination of chicken breasts and pickles in simple sandwich form.  

Any which way you pluck it and no matter how many ways we find to fry, rotisserie, grill, BBQ, smother and fricassee this oh-so-tasty bird, the world’s love affair with chicken simply has no intention of ever slowing down.

That is precisely why The Halal Guys continue to bring you different tastes to liven up your mealtime options with something sure to satisfy your appetite. 

The world’s love affair with chicken continues.  


At The Halal Guys, we’re certainly no strangers to praiseworthy poultry and are constantly innovating to bring you more exquisite and authentic flavors and new tastes. We feel there’s truly never a reason to be bored with food when there is always something new to enjoy. 

Today, we’re introducing you to our latest take on something deliciously different.  

The Halal Guys just recently released our latest culinary chicken creation, and it is fast becoming a fan favorite! Prepare the drumroll as the iconic New York-based restaurant chain now brings you our new chicken shawarma recipe that fans, so far, can’t seem to get enough of enjoying. 

For many, their first introduction to the word shawarma may have happened when Ironman, at the end of the first Avengers, asked the simple question, “Have you tried Shawarma?” 

But you know how it goes from there. It’s like curiosity almost can’t help but ignite. Even after we have stopped thinking about the question, the appetite seldom forgets.

If theres a meal you’ve wanted to try for the first time. Or re-experience for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th time. Trust me, the next time you’re hungry and find yourself craving a satisfying meal, your appetite will gently remind you.

If you haven’t yet taken your first bite of any kind of Shawarma before, you may want to prepare yourself for this seriously succulent Middle Eastern-based Chicken Shawarma recipe our chefs have prepared exclusively for your tastebuds. 

Before you run out and try it right now, let us give you a small taste of the authenticity you’re about to experience today. 

What Is Chicken Shawarma?  

If you’ve never encountered  Shawarma before, it only makes sense that you’d wonder what in the world is Shawarma? For added context, this delicious way of preparing meat has been around for centuries in the middle-east.

People traditionally made it with thinly-sliced pieces of marinated chicken, beef, lamb, or turkey that are layered onto a rotating skewer and cooked over charcoal or electric heat. 

The cooked tender, juicy slices of meat would usually be served with a flatbread, like pita or lavash, along with a salad or other accompaniments. Shawarma became a popular street food in many parts of the world and continues to be enjoyed today.

The Halal Guys are all about authenticity and have been well-known for tasty street food people have loved since 1990.

So when it comes to introducing a new authentic taste of Chicken Shawarma to flavor-seeking fans craving new food experiences, who better than your favorite purveyors of American Halal?

A Tasty Shawarma Recipe from The Halal Guys

Ok, so enough of the backstory; here’s what is about to knock out your hunger in the most scrumptiously satisfying way… Full disclosure, don’t be surprised if you find yourself ordering it for lunch more than once per week without realizing it. 

Our Chicken Shawarma is a tasty combination of marinated-til-tender, thinly sliced chicken in a fresh, mouthwatering array of authentic herbs, spices, and chilies that make each savory bite so explosive with flavor that it will completely tantalize your tastebuds. 

Our stand-out marinade combines the natural sweetness of our select herbs infused during the cooking process to bring you the most delicate, irresistibly-juiciest chicken you’ll eat today. 

The Halal Guys New Chicken Shawarma is sure to become a go-to staple any time it’s meal time. Hurry in and try today while supplies last. Because, like most good things, it’s only here for a limited time, so order now. 

What to eat with chicken shawarma? 

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “ok, that sounds delicious, but what else do I eat with Chicken Shawarma?  Let us fill you in and give you the full flavor details. 

Traditionally, Chicken Shawarma was often accompanied by a side of hummus and tahini sauce. If you haven’t heard of or tried hummus before, see our other article about Hummus because you’re about to discover why this tasty, versatile treat practically goes with everything.

Aside from hummus, other traditional sides that may accompany Chicken Shawarma include falafel and babaghanoush. All sides you can conveniently find on The Halal Guys menu

It’s almost as if we planned for you to have the most authentic experience with your food. You can try our delicious Chicken Shawarma Platter today over rice with salad and all the traditional sides and toppings above… or eliminate those hungry pangs even faster with our Chicken Shawarma Sandwich for when you’re in a hurry and on the go. 

Enjoy both options alongside our new delightfully creamy Jalapeno-infused hummus. Or alongside our ever-crispy, never-soggy french fries if you want to Americanize your Shawarma experience. Either way, you can’t miss, and your appetite will thank you for making such a tasty decision today.  

What Fans Are Saying About the New Recipe?

We surveyed over 1,000 customers after unveiling our new Shawarma recipe, and fans love it! Here are just some of the most common responses to the question of what they thought about our New Chicken Shawarma: 


“Deliciously Good,”


“That was so delicious,”

“Great Flavor,”

“Nicely done,  good to have chicken cooked in a different way brings out new flavor,”

​​”Very good”

“Loved it keep it”

“Great 👍”

“Certainly a nice innovation- reminds of fire 🔥 grilled chicken.”

“Amazing, very fresh chicken.”



“Very flavor full – it’s like having grilled chicken.”

“Liked it, especially the garlic sauce.”

“the texture is nice, and how it lightly charred – it’s like grilled chicken.”

“Very tasty”


“Excellent and tasty!”

“It was delicious.”

“It was awesome.”

“I’ll get it again!”

How to Enjoy Chicken Shawarma without making it yourself

After reading all this, we realize that you might need to try the authentic taste of Chicken Shawarma for yourself. You may be excited to go out and buy all the ingredients and make a night of it. And if you decide to do that, feel free to tag us in any social photos you post of your shawarma-making experience after being inspired by The Halal Guys.  

But if you have ZERO interest in recreating a truly authentic shawarma experience at home, you and your family are always welcome, and our doors are always open. So stop by and visit us or order online today.

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