The Halal Guys New Jalapeno Hummus Recipe is Here!!!

Discover A Brief History Of Hummus And Get Introduced To The Halal Guy’s New Deliciously Creamy Jalapeno Hummus Recipe.

The Halal Guys New Jalapeno Hummus Is Here!!!

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Hey hummus fans, it’s the purveyors of some of the most delicious Middle Eastern-inspired, American Halal cuisine established in New York City and today, loved worldwide!

It’s The world-famous Halal Guys! And we’re bringing something deliciously different to the table once again for you and your family to enjoy. 

Today we are going to be chatting all about Hummus, and by the end of this short article, we’re going to introduce your tastebuds to our newest take on this decadently creamy treat.

Whether paired as a side dish, served as a wholesomely healthy snack for your little ones, or a healthier option for when you’re looking to crush those late-night cravings. Hummus is can be an excellent go-to, good-for-you, pick-me-up.

But first, here is a little bit of Hummus FAQ  

Before I get into just how deliciously creamy and flavorful our new Jalapeno Hummus is, we want to take a brief moment to address a few of the many questions we receive from fans about our menu items, specifically our hummus.

Fans have thoroughly enjoyed our different hummus recipes over the years–– and some fans have even inspired a flavor or two, starting with: 

The Halal Guys Original Hummus, Deliciously Creamy In Base Form.

As a company that listens to its fans, we’ve noticed a trending increase in food curiosity lately–– I mean, once upon a time, all most people cared about was whether a particular dish tasted great.

But today, you guys are really on it! You want more than just a list of ingredients. You want to know everything about a dish’s full journey, from its original source to its final destination of your plate. 

For people who appreciate good food, It’s simply no longer enough that you enjoy what you’re eating.

New Jalapeno Hummus Recipe

But the growing trend is that more and more each day, people seem to really want to have an experience with your food, whether you dine in or order out.

But not just any experience, because with each new dish, you want to have as close to an authentic experience as possible–– allowing the sights and aromas to transport you right up to that moment you take your first bite and completely fall in love with a brand new taste. 

More and more, we see food lovers grow into culinary taste experts and true ambassadors of flavor. Not to get too off track, but that’s also why we love to hear from you, our fans, so much.

The loving feedback we get from fans of The Halal Guys helps us ensure we always meet your expectations for authenticity. 

So without further ado, let’s “dig in” and answer the Top 5 burning questions surrounding this delicious dish millions of people already love and always have room for, known as hummus. 

What is Hummus made out of?

One of the first common questions we get a lot is What is Hummus? 

But to answer that question, you need to start with what is in Hummus for a more complete description.

Traditionally made with ground chickpeas which, coincidentally, were one of the earliest cultivated legumes for eating, according to Wikipedia

It was made from dried chickpeas that were soaked overnight before being ground into a paste using a mortar and pestle.

Today, If you’re looking to learn how to make the best hummus yourself, other ingredients typically include; tahini, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice.

While some Hummus recipe descriptions vary, our favorite description for how hummus is made comes from @spreadhummusnothate on Instagram, who posted this cute definition in 2018 that states; Hummus is Chickpeas that believe in miracles. 


Where is Hummus From?

But getting into where Hummus hails from, you’ll find that much like The founders of The Halal Guys, Hummus originated in Ancient Egypt, dating as far back as 9,500 years ago.

A surprising factoid about Hummus is that is not only made from chickpeas, but Hummus is the actual Arabic word for chickpea.

That’s pretty congruent, don’t you think?  And with its combination of high protein and healthy fat, Hummus has been called the perfect food by some food enthusiasts and flavor adventurists. 

But our fans simply call it delicious. 

Speaking of Protein…How much protein is in Hummus?

One cup (240 ml) contains 8 grams. 

That’s half the protein of  52 grams of chicken breast. Some people eat it with pita bread, which also offers an additional 5 grams of protein, but can be high in carbs. 

So if you are watching your carbs, that might be something to consider.

But if carbs are not an issue for you, or if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet and need more tasty protein options, then Hummus is going to be your new best friend. 

Is Hummus Gluten Free?

The question of whether or not hummus is gluten-free is a tricky one. One would assume that it would be, after all, chickpeas are naturally gluten-free. 

However, many manufacturers add gluten to their products to help give the paste a stretchier consistency. 

So, is hummus gluten-free? It depends on where you are getting it from.

If you purchase hummus that states it’s made with 100% chickpeas, then chances are your hummus will be gluten-free. But if you buy any other kind, then you may not be so lucky.

Thankfully, The Halal Guys hummus contains absolutely NO gluten… you know, just in case you were wondering.  

What do I eat with Hummus? 

Depending on what part of the world you live in, you’re hummus eating habits may be slightly different.

In places like the Middle East and North Africa, hummus is traditionally eaten with pita bread and raw vegetables for dipping.

In other parts of the world, you may find they eat it with olives, pickles, and even boiled eggs on top of the hummus. (Talk about protein power) 

Fans of The Halal Guys can give you a plethora of pairing combinations from our spot-hitting tasty menu… occasionally, fans will ask us what pairs well with hummus both on and off our menu.  

Essentially, hummus lovers seek more of a definitive guide for not only how to eat hummus more regularly. 

But also seem to be clamoring for a complete list of what to dip in hummus, not to mention an exact list of what is good to eat with hummus, either as a side or a spread. 

Eaten plainly, hummus can be enjoyed as a treat all by itself. It’s delicious eaten plain without any add-ons or extras because this lets you taste all the creamy, delectable flavors at once.

A Scoop Of Jalalpeno Hummus Goes Great With Our Savory Herb Beef

Some of our guests have shared with us how much they love putting some of the hummus on the inside corner of the pita before stuffing it with falafel or their other favorite proteins for their sandwich.  

Other customers will ask for an ice cream scoop of hummus to be added directly to their platter. 

It’s usually served as an appetizer or a dip with pita bread, vegetables, or chips. And while I’m totally a fan of eating hummus plain, when I feel like snacking, I like to dip either pita bread or Stacy’s pita chips into my hummus and eat each chip like a champ! … A champ who likes his chips covered in creamy, delicious hummus.

Recently our friends over at foodbeast came up with their own hummus pairing hack called “Hummus B’lahme,” which many of our fans tried and absolutely loved!

You can check out the full hack on the foodbeast website and let us know if you try it yourself. The response from fans to each of our past hummus flavors resulted in them being completely sold out. Will fans love this new hummus flavor just as much? 

We sincerely hope you also enjoy this new deliciously different pairing and certainly look forward to hearing all your feedback on Hummus B’lahme with our new Jalapeno Hummus. 

Other tips for what pairs well with hummus outside our menu can include vegetables like raw carrots, radishes, or green onion, various types of meats, bread, and crackers. 

The Halal Guy’s New Jalapeno Hummus Recipe Brings the Flavor

Now that you’ve got a bit of a crash course on hummus and a good sense of what to eat hummus with check out the newest way you can enjoy it.

The Halal Guys have recently introduced our new treat for your tastebuds with the tantalizing texture of our always deliciously creamy hummus, now infused with the bold, rich, and earthly flavor of Jalapeno.

Hummus lovers who have tried our new Jalapeno Hummus say the taste is surprisingly mild with the perfect amount of tanginess. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, theres more than enough reason for hummus lovers to stop by your local Halal Guys and try a serving or two of this velvety side paired with one of your favorite platters or sandwiches.

The food beast hummus hack with our Savory Herb Beef will only be available while supplies for Savory Herb Beef last. Neither will be here forever, so hurry in or order online today.  

Conclusion: We always love your hummus feedback 

But there you have it, a delicious new hummus treat from The Halal Guys, along with the brief cliff notes version of Hummus History.

But if you’re a fan of Hummus, then chances are, you’re probably a fan of The Halal Guys. And like many of our fans, if you’ve tried any of our hummus recipes, including the new Jalapeno Hummus recipe, then as always, we would love to hear your honest feedback.   

Use this link to complete a brief survey and collect a free side. 

Enjoy 🙂