Introducing Our New Eggplant Hummus with Pita Chips

Now available at participating The Halal Guys stores nationwide.

Eggplant Hummus

Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new Eggplant Hummus! The new, limited time menu item is a 100% vegan, gluten-free, made with chickpeas, mixed with tahini sauce, olive oil, lemon juice, and spices. The side will be served with a free side of Pita Chips throughout the month of February! The eggplants come from the island of Crete in Greece. This limited time offer is the first of four unique flavors of hummus that will be introduced throughout the year. At the end of 2021, our fans will get to decide which of the four will be added to the menu permanently.

Pita Chips served on the side

The Eggplant Hummus is also vegan and will be available on its own as a side dish — along with the Pita Chips — on a platter or sandwich, or as a catering order. The crispy Pita Chips are multi-grain, made with a traditional pita bread recipe, and sprinkled with sea salt.

Keep an eye on our website and on social media for the announcement of our next limited time offer soon!