The Halal Guys: That Famous Hot Sauce

Sitting down at a The Halal Guys table, you can always count on a few things: 1) the irresistible aroma of American Halal food, cooked freshly for you; 2) the “agonizing” decision of what sauce or sauces to adorn your platter with. While we will devote a blog – or several! – sometime soon to the most famous sauce of all (The Halal Guys’ iconic White Sauce), we now want to put the spotlight on our equally impressive Hot Sauce.

Behind the Sauce:

Hot Sauce is measured in SHU’s, or Scoville Heat Units. The Halal Guys’ Hot Sauce is SERIOUSLY HOT, registering 100,000-130,000 on the Scoville scale. To put this into perspective, a jalapeño registers at 3,000- 10,000, while comparable sauces, Cholula or Siracha, top out at 1,000-3,000

— a mere 100th of The Halal Guys Hot Sauce! Most fans request somewhere between just a few drops and a few lines on a full platter or sandwich; it really all depends on how “heat resistant” you are.

While Vice even voted it as scorching the competition in the fast-casual industry, some intrepid guests continue to underestimate its lethality, thinking they can handle the spice – and paid the consequences for it! However, if you’re feeling like a true daredevil, a select few The Halal Guys fans have made it to the legendary “Wall of Flame” by completing the flammable “The Hot Sauce Challenge.” This involves consuming a platter with 20 lines of sauce in just 10 minutes with no water, and then surviving an additional five minutes before chugging a refreshing (and much needed) glass of water!

What in the World is in that Sauce???

While the known ingredients are ground red pepper, vinegar, salt, various spices, and concentrated lemon juice, we will keep you guessing on what other secret spices are added to arrive at the iconic flavor profile of the THG Hot Sauce. As The Halal Guys’ Corporate Executive Chef, Shawn Edelman, put it, “it can be described as an insane blend of fiery chilies that wreak havoc on your taste buds!” So, whether you end up being a “few drops” kind of person or a champion “20 liner,” The Halal Guys Hot Sauce is bound to kick any platter up a notch or two. But please take our advice and proceed with caution! As we’ve said before, there’s “Hot” and then there’s “The Halal Guys Hot”.

Pro Tip: If you really like your spice, add jalapeños toppings to your order